Saturday, September 05, 2009

The cream rises to the top

You take my breath away. This support has totally changed my outlook on> life, God and who people really are. Thank you Mikiye. Thank you Sandi> SIMPSON Punky JaNE AND SUZANNE at Threepeats. Vickie
Thanks Vickie In My Head Studios: handcrafted fine art and jewelry
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Etsy Twitter Team Leader: I have so many people to thank one by one and so much to be grateful for. I posted a bunch of thanks on my> blog I've been thinking about you and saw the call for berets today.
Thanks to AMY
I'm starting a beret in happy rainbowish hues - made me think of Florida. I haven't tried this pattern before. Assuming I can read the pattern and get it right, when I get it done I'll ship it to you. If I can't get it figured out, I try something else that's fun. Just something I can do to help and let you know the team is here for you. I don't want payment. I still have your address from sending you a card - so I'm good to go there. Hope you have a great day!
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Thanks Kristen Etsy
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Thank Sandi

Thanks Katy Mims
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Thanks Jennifer Kuebrich
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Thanks Tamara Woot! Thanks everyone. :)

Thanks Jessica Smutek (aka "Smu")
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Thanks Lois Stifel
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Thanks Mikiye Your generosity is so appreciated

Thanks Sandy Simpson

I'll get to you soon if I missed you. I love you all. Joyce

Eventually you'll all hear from me. I want you all to know how much my husband is overcome by what you> all have done. Harvey is one of the kindest people I have ever known. He looks at me now that I've lost my hair and says it's only an adornment. I see you. He looks at you and sees the answer to the broken world. He thanks you deeply. Love you Joyce


Anonymous said...

No need for thanks - we love you like a sister and want only the best for you.
Your Harvey sounds like my DH Terry - he was always there for me when I was going through the hair loss, and extreme fatigue. He responded in a positive manner every time I asked for "could I have some juice please", "could I have a cup of soup please".
Love like your Harvey and my Terry is so rare - we bless every day that we 'found them'.
God go with you my dear.

kristen said...

It's my pleasure to help any way I can, Joyce! Your courage and determination are an inspiration to all of us on this team and we are very fortunate to have you as a member!

:D Kristen

In My Head Studios said...

Joyce, you are more than welcome! I wish we could do more for you! I pray for you often and that your suffering is eased and for you to stay strong. Muchas smooches! xoxo