Friday, September 04, 2009

Angels on A Mission payback with love

So many angels . I need to give back in whatever way I can. Coco is a personal angel who sits like a little birdie on my shoulder encouraging , lite and so well meaning. Get to know her
I want to thank personnally my dear friends on the etsytwitter team for your cards and gifts and a new group called HOST. Amazing women doing amazing things in the midst of such hard financial times for us all. My body may be weak but my spirits soar. Read Tolle "The Power of Now" a gift for anyone who believes in a spiritul journey.
I think you would really like to know about Eckart Tolle The Power of
You tube has lots of videos of him and he is wonderful. He is changing
and this particular video I think is a good place to start. It's brought
new awareness That's beautiful. I can only explain his point by saying
it felt like the first time I took a shower after the hospital and
poured hot water over my head and each droplet made me feel like god
touching me. There was no other place or space worth being. This was me.
to you with love and great affection.
Special thanks to Lois Stifel, Suzanne at Three Peats, Jennifer Kuebrich, Vicki
Jennifer Kubrick
Kristan Evans
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