Sunday, June 28, 2009

Etsy Twitter Team Goes Green and So Do I

Our July event is called "Go Green with the Etsy Twitter Team"! It will take place July 21-27. It will focus on organic, herbal, upcycled, recycled, and eco-friendly products from our team. More on this to come as our event nears.

I create artisan jewelry using imported Italian glass and PMC or Art Clay Silver. I also create one of a kind silver jewelry supplies and findings for the jewelry designers of the world.  I was curious as to  the process of making fine silver clay. I started to research and found much to my surprise that I was really a green artist and didn't know it.

Did you know that PMC or Art Clay Silver is a totally recycled product? Photographic film has silver in it. This silver is collected and repurposed into silver clay. The silver particles are combined with a binder which makes the silver pliable like clay. I can then shape it anyway I want, and combine it with other materials, from glass to semi-precious and precious stones. I can paint it, I can enamel it. It is a a wonder product for a jewelry designer. I the end you have fine jewelry. The silver that is left after firing the clay in a kiln is 99.9 silver unlike sterling silver which is 92.5 silver. The result is a sparkling silver product that is much more resistant to tarnish than sterling.

Attn Jewelry designers:  If you want to go green just add my art clay silver findings to your jewelry creations. Handmade artisan fine silver Leaf Toggle

Attn Jewelry lovers: If you want to go green just add my art clay silver jewelry to your jewelry wardrobe.PMC handmade fine silver artisan earrings with black onyx beads and swarovski crystals

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My Mother's Garden said...

Fascinating and interesting information...I never knew the recycled silver process of Art Silver Clay.