Friday, December 22, 2006

Neckchart Showing common sizes (lengths) for necklaces

I am starting a series of tips and maybe some little tidbits of advice for newbies to jewelry making. Use a bead board and plan ahead so your sizes come out correctly. Women are used to their necklaces falling in a certain place and it won't feel right if it falls 1/2 inch too long.

Common necklace sizes

Choker - 14" to 16"
(Depending upon neck size, chokers fall just above collar line)
Princess - 18"
Matinee - 20" to 24"
Opera - 28" to 32"
Rope - 40" to 45"
Lariat - 48" or longer
(The ends of which are not joined as it is either tied or wrapped around the neck)
Series of tips for newby jewelry artists

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